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Schriftgezag bij Ignatius

Ignatius was een man van passie. In de geschiedenis heeft hij zijn stempel achtergelaten als de brievenschrijver die op weg was naar God. Niets kon hem daarbij stuiten. Zijn grote vrees was dat de christenen te Rome op een of andere manier zijn marteldood zouden kunnen voorkomen. Op reis naar zijn eindbestemming schreef deze kerkvader brieven waarin hij de Bijbel citeert.

Wie was deze markante kerkvader? Hoe gebruikte hij de Schrift? En: wat zegt dat over het gezag van de Bijbel in de vroege kerk?

Deze vragen staan centraal in: Schriftgezag bij Ignatius van Antiochië: wat dacht de vroege kerk over de Bijbel?

 If you want to explore the possibilities of doing a PhD in Theology or Classical studies (or an MA with a view to pursuing a doctorate), please contact met through the email at the contact page.

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Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensia (Hebrew)

Septuaginta (LXX Greek)

Nestle-Aland 28 (Greek)

Catholic Confusion on Creation

Journal of Creation

Does this papacy reflect the ‘hand of God’ in a similar way?

T-shirt donated to Pope Francis by Diego Maradonna .

St Benno, Bishop of Meissen (c.1010-1106)

Grace and peace, what does it mean?


Bible Time


This podcast helps to understand the Bible. It is designed for people who are not satisfied with cheap answers. Get answers to real questions and see how many things make sense after all. You will discover principles and truths that will open up the Bible and the history of Christianity in a meaningful way.

Bible Time on Anchor FM          Bible Time on I-Tunes     

Australian Government has joined the Dark Side

In two episodes my podcast Bible Time explains how the Australian government has joined the Dark Side by disenfranchising “Jedi knights”.

Using the church festival of Christ the King we will explore the character of the reign of Jesus in a world were very many things do go wrong, not in the least place in churches. Have you ever wondered about the biblical expression sons of Belial? Do you realize its connection with the coming of anti-christ? Listen and enjoy these talks!

Episode 1 is the general version where I explore some of the Hebrew words and concepts in early church history. Episode 2 contains the basics, but will also show how all of this connects to Christian Baptism and the Gospel.

Listen: episode 1       episode 2

Job's compass for the rough scenario's of life

St Antony was one of the great saints of the early church, when saints were still saints because of their life and example and not for church political reasons. The word of Jesus (Mark 10) caused him to give up everything and become a desert father. The Old Testament saint Job also lost everything because of God's word and counsel allowing Satan to do his worst. His friend Eliphaz came and told him that he should confess his sin, pray harder, read the Bible and give money to good causes and then God would restore him and make Job successful again. In this episode of Bible Time we consider Job's response (Job 23). No cheap answers!

Who was St. Mary Magdalene really?

Was she a prostitute or even married to the Lord Jesus? A holy woman or a repentant sinner? Mary Magdalene has been the subject of speculative books and movies. Who was she really? Is there a holy blood line? Why is she portrayed with a red egg on Byzantine icons? What is even more important, what is the Lord's message for you as the Holy Spirit recorded facts about her life in the Bible. Join me and find out by listening to this podcast, a recording from the festival of St Mary Magdalene on the 22nd of July at Holy Trinity Launceston.

Is de Bijbelse Scheppingsleer historisch betrouwbaar?

Onder zeer grote belangstelling sprak professor Zuiddam op het voormalig eiland Urk over het belang van de Bijbelse scheppingsleer. Hij liet zien hoe er wezenlijke zaken op het spel staan, waarmee de leer van de Kerk van alle tijden staat of valt. Moet je de historische betrouwbaarheid van Genesis 1-11 omarmen om een orthodox christen te zijn of te blijven?

De vroege kerk over de historische betrouwbaarheid van Genesis (Dutch)

Hoe zag de kerk van vroeger het Bijbelboek Genesis? Wat dacht men over de eerste hoofdstukken die spreken over de schepping, zondeval en zondvloed? Prof. dr. B.A. Zuiddam laat zien dat de interpretatie van de Bijbel door kerkvaders ingrijpend verschilt van die van veel christenen vandaag.

Genesis, feit of fictie? (Dutch)

Vanuit de theologische wetenschap laat professor Zuiddam om begrijpelijke wijze zien waar het klassieke scheppingsgeloof op gespannen voet staat met de aanname van Darwinistische evolutie. Waar gaat het mis en wat zijn de gevolgen voor het lezen van de Bijbel? Geluidsopname van een toespraak in de Gereformeerde Gemeente van Apeldoorn tijdens de Logos tour.

Why does the Catholic Church believe in Genesis?

The early Church used to address the six days of creation in homilies during the season of Lent. In this tradition, I was invited by the Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies (Patronage of Archdiocese of Hobart) to speak on Genesis, fact or fiction? On the findings of the Pontifical Bible Commission (1909). Find out what the theological implications are for different ways of looking at Genesis 1-3. Be surprised to see how one’s view of Genesis many controversies that society and Church are facing today are connected to this.

Life of John Calvin

John Calvin was one of the most influential thinkers of the Age of the Reformation. Find out how faith was a leading principle in his life.

Understanding the Protestant Reformation of 1517

On 31 October 2017 Martin Luther published his 95 theses against abuses in the Catholic Church. This is generally considered as the start of the Protestant Reformation. This split in the Western Church wasn't a bolt from the blue. Four events from the year 1516 will help you understand the events in 1517 and the 500 years that followed, including our own times.

Is the Bible outdated in its teachings on female leadership?

"A text of terror." This is the way some theologians refer the apostle Paul's teachings on the role of women in Christianity. What does the Bible actually say?

Is Christ a Surname for Jesus?

Is Jesus Christ a name and surname? What is the meaning and background of these words? Also: Many Christian make the sign of the cross. What does it mean? and where does the custom come from?

Why did God kill lots of innocent Egyptians?

Did Pharaoh ever have a chance if God hardened his heart? Why did God kill thousands of innocent Egyptians in the final installment of the Ten Plagues? Find out and listen.

Actions speak louder than Words

Some Christians use wonderful religious words, but their lives don't seem to match up. Graceless actions invalidate the Bible's message. Thoughts from Isaiah 58 and Romans 2 and 3.

Clementine Vulgate

Byzantine Text

Rubriek bijdragen  (Friday Column Reformed Daily)

Centre for Patristic Research CPO

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Voice training for public speaking

For many years I have been preparing a book that I have finally managed to write. This book is really worthwhile for anyone who is engaged in public speaking or other vocal performance, my faithful readers will probably forgive me in this season of goodwill.

VOICE TRAINING FOR PUBLIC SPEAKING & PERFORMANCE is available on Kindle and as a paperback. If you buy the paperback, you get the Kindle version too for only a dollar extra.

This book offers a proven course of vocal training. It is eminently suitable for teachers, actors, politicians, pastors, managers, or anyone who is called upon to lead seminars, or to give an address at social occasions and anniversaries. This book explains the key concepts of voice production for public speaking, while taking you through a program of exercises. This combination of learning and practical training will help you to speak in the right way naturally.

You will find out that this method works as you practice. Famous speakers from the Classical and Victorian age were clearly audible to large crowds of thousands of people in an age without microphones or hearing aids. Your voice is probably able of doing this as well. Your body is  so wonderfully designed that everything is in place for efficient public speaking already. Most of us are just no longer trained to do it. This book will show you how wonderfully you are made and help you use and coordinate everything that you have got already.